About Us

TR7 Skateboarding is all about our tight-knit community, showcasing the local skate in our little paradise, hence the name TR7, the post code of our beloved town!

Our small town in Cornwall, UK has been a big part of UK skateboarding for many years, mainly because of the ‘Boardmasters’ competition held once a year but nowadays it is the local skateboarders that are beginning to get some much deserved attention!

TR7 Skate began in 2018, when I (Chaz Merryweather) was filming constantly down at our local skatepark ¨Wooden Waves¨. I would put all the clips I filmed together and make short edits out of it all, posting them on youtube/facebook.

My girlfriend Martina and I began selling out of our flat, with just a bunch of decks and hoodies but soon grew out of our flat and were lucky enough to find a small storage unit in town which we converted into our showroom early 2018. 

We settled into that shop nicely over the first year but soon after settling in started feeling like we needed somewhere bigger....

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