Our small town in Cornwall, UK has been a big part of the UK skateboarding scene for many years, mainly because of the Boardmasters competition held once a year, but nowadays it is the local skate scene that is beginning to get some much deserved attention!


TR7 Skate began in 2018 when I, Chaz Merryweather, decided to start documenting the scenes at our local skatepark (Wooden Waves at the time) with a goal of showing the world what a solid skate scene we have! After a couple of years, my girlfriend Martina and I decided to create a brand to represent this community and launched our first products from our flat.


Our decks are made of hard rock maple and UK based artists do our designs. TR7 has a solid team of riders, a flow team and some brand ambassadors that represent us.


We soon realised that we were going to need a bigger place and found a small storage unit in town, where we created our first showroom. After almost two years, we took a leap of faith and decided that we wanted to make skateboarding an all year round activity and have a space where people could come to learn how to skateboard or just get better at it.


In October 2019, we moved to Prow Park (TR72SX) where we set up our shop for a second time, along with an office, a chill room and most importantly, our first INDOOR SKATEPARK!


We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as being the only skater owned shop in the area. Our employee Harry While and I are completely obsessed with skateboarding, which makes this our dream job!


We want to transmit a bit of the fun and lifestyle that we are lucky to have!


Sharing the passion I believe we can all grow skateboarding!


So pop by for a cup of tea, and see it for yourself at Prow Park, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2SX.


Cheers, Chaz Merryweather

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