Wednesday from 16:00-18:00. This session is one that we have put together specifically for the local groms (under 14 skaters) who are already very comfortable on their boards.

Lukas Skinner Fs Tailbone at our park!

We believe that kids of this age in particular are the quickest learners as the fear of falling down isnt quite ingrained in them yet! The best thing about this session is that no adults other than the coach will be allowed in the park, making it not only a skate session but a great way for kids to make new friends outside of school and improve on their skills collectively!
For the first hour of this session one of our professional skate coaches will be in the mix, making sure everybody is working on learning some new moves! The second hour is practice time where the students can work on the tips we have given them each throughout the first hour.
 Please call in advance to book your slot on 01637 851818 or fill in the contact form below :)
£15.00 for the 2 hour session