Newquay is a small town, located in the South West coast of Cornwall, UK. For 13 years our local park was wooden, which over its lifespan slowly started to deteriorate into soggy wood with rusty copings. Nonetheless, the local skate scene was solid. I picked up a camera a few years ago and began to film the happenings at Wooden Waves and started putting together little edits and uploading them to youtube under the TR7 CLIPZ account.

The videos started doing well and after a while I started getting people suggesting that we should start doing our own clothing too and from there grew the idea of TR7SKATE  (which is what tr7clipz has now been re-named to) and the whole idea of starting something new began! Newquay has been a big part of UK Skateboarding for many years, mainly because of the ‘Boardmasters’ competition held once a year but nowadays it is the local skateboarders that are beginning to get some much deserved attention...

With the new “Concrete Waves” park being built by the amazing Maverick Skateparks crew, Newquay now has a wide variety of wood pushing enthusiasts, from the young guns right up to the older skaters.

TR7 Skateboarding is all about our tight-knit community, showcasing the local skate scene in our little paradise, hence the name TR7, the post code of our beloved town! We finally open the doors of our first local, core skate shop, and would like to invite all locals and future visitors to pop by and check it out! We are the only ‘skater owned’ store in the area and all ages are welcome!

Take a look at our website & feel free to ask any questions! We are all about looking after the local skaters, as well as getting people into skateboarding who are new to it.

Skateboarding for me is an art form as well as a sport but more than anything skateboarding is all about a bunch of people of completely different ages, cultures and backgrounds all coming together and having a good time! I’ve skated more than half my life and I want to give something back now, Cornwall isn’t America and skateboarding isn’t huge here yet but with a bit of luck it will be in the years to come!

Thanks for visiting us!  

Chaz, Martina & The TR7 Team!  





We sell a variety of products, starting with the TR7 decks, which are designed and printed here in the UK. TR7 decks are pro quality, made with 100% North American hard rock maple cold pressed, you can find the quality Z laser logo mark. Our boards vary in shape: standard pop deck, pool bomber, cruisers and more! also they are available in sizes from 7.2 right up to 8.5 and we have a choice of 3 of our very own TR7 graphics!

The clothing is also done in the UK, with a choice of sizes ranging from different sizes, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees and hoodies with a quality that is made to withstand the roughest of skate sessions. We also stock headwear, bumbags, safety gear, stickers, hardware and a choice of different griptapes.



Our team were carefully hand picked, with a mixture of ages and even gender! 

Harry While is our MVP, he rips anything you put in front of him, weather it be street or transition, he is always one to watch!

Lola Tambling is the only girl on a team of big boys and she is on her way to becoming the best girl skater to ever come out of the UK!

Chaz Merryweather - founder of TR7 Skate and oldest in the crew, more than 10 years skating under his belt.

Lukas Skinner - a young 11 year old who is known for his amazing surfing abilities, but he is insanely good at skateboarding too!

The 2 younger members of our little family are Joss Bellamy and Marley Dunn, both younger than 11 years old. They are best friends and live for skateboarding, they are progressing at an alarming rate!


TR7 Skate, West Court Yard, Crantock Street. Cornwall, UK TR7 1JL. Pop in to check out new stuff!!
Also, you can find us on Social Media! Below the links
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuu5LQ4ibVFWV-jT8iEYFYg
Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/tr7skate/

Thank you for checking out our page! for any questions please feel free to get in touch via the 'Contact Us'