Newquay is a small town, located in the South West coast of Cornwall, UK. For 13 years our local park has been a wooden one, which over its lifespan slowly started to deteriorate into soggy wood with rusty copings.

Nonetheless, the local skate absolutely loved to be down at the skatepark, with the whole crew, day after day skating/filming or even just chilling. I picked up a camera a few years ago and began to film the happenings at Wooden Waves and started putting together little edits and uploading them to youtube under the TR7 CLIPZ account.

The videos started doing well and after a while I started getting people suggesting that we should start doing our own clothing too and from there grew the idea of TR7SKATE  (which is what tr7clipz has now been re-named to) and the whole idea of starting something new began!

Our small town, has been a big part of UK Skateboarding for many years, mainly because of the ‘Boardmasters’ competition held once a year... Nowadays it is the local skateboarders that are beginning to get some much deserved attention... With the new “Concrete Waves” park being built, Newquay has now a wide variety of wood pushing enthusiasts, from the youngs right up to the older skaters. 

TR7 Skateboarding is all about our tight-knit community, showcasing the local skate in our little paradise, hence the name TR7, the post code of our beloved town! We are so happy to finally open the doors of our first local skate shop, and would like to invite all locals and future visitors to come and pop by to our little shop in Newquay! We are the only ‘skater owned’ store in the area, trying to help all the local skaters as best as we can, filming new videos weekly and hopefully in the near future, organizing different events for our community in our local skatepark “Concrete Waves” which is about to be finished. All ages are welcome! Take a look at our website, feel free to ask any questions!

Owning and running a Skateshop is something I never saw myself doing but my girlfriend Martina and I decided that Newquay was in need of a skate company that actually pays attention to what is going on with the local skaters and to try and look after them as best as we could, as well as getting people into skateboarding who are new to it. Skateboarding for me is an art form as well as a sport but more than anything skateboarding is all about a bunch of people of completely different ages, cultures and backgrounds all coming together and having a good time! I’ve skated more than half my life and I want to give something back now, Cornwall isn’t America and skateboarding isn’t huge here yet but with a bit of luck it will be in the years to come!

To make sure that the business grows and doesnt fail straight away, the two of us that are running it still working part time jobs on the side, taking turns to open the shop so that we can open 7 days a week without keeping a single pound of the sales for ourselves, so if you buy with us, your money is going straight back into the business to help it grow!

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We sell a variety of products, starting with the TR7 decks, which are designed and printed here in the UK. TR7 decks are pro quality, made with 100% North American hard rock maple cold pressed, you can find the quality Z laser logo mark. Our boards vary in shape: standard pop deck, pool bomber, cruisers and more! also they are available in sizes from 7.2 right up to 8.5.

The clothing is also done in the UK, with a choice of sizes ranging from different sizes, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees and hoodies with a quality that is made to withstand the roughest of skate sessions.

We have different stickers, one with our logo and another with our name, both nicely sized, perfect to stick on your skate, the back of your car or anywhere you want! We have a handful of different customized grip tapes, as well as the standard black sheets or the Cornish flag grip if you want to represent the Kern! You can get them online or pop by to our skate shop in Newquay! 


Our team were carefully hand picked, with 4 skaters who between them can skate just about any terrain.

With Joe Haddon, a young up and comer who has a deep bag of weird yet wonderful tricks, Beth Rickard, the only girl skater in Newquay, a tough young lady who will keep going until her board/body cant handle it anymore, Harry While, One of Newquay's top skaters & finally myself, Chaz Merryweather.
Be sure to check out the media section for videos/photos and the team section for a small interview with each skater if you want to know a bit more about each individual.


We are very happy to finally open our little skate shop in Newquay. It is located in West Court Yard on Crantock Street. Cornwall, UK TR7 1JL. Pop up to check out new stuff!!

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Thank you for checking out our page! for any questions please feel free to get in touch via the 'Contact Us'