Huge shoutout to everyone who showed up and supported us at the event! 🙌

We certainly had a blast and hope that everyone else did too!

Together, we raised an amazing £1,817, which is now fuelling our Crowdfunder campaign and pushing us closer to our stretch target of £35k! 🚀 We're almost there, so let's keep the momentum going for these last few days! 

Your continued support has already demonstrated how much this project is needed for the community and this campaign is a great starting point to bring us closer to our ultimate dream of reaching our estimated goal of £90k, the full amount needed to turn our dream into a reality! 🎯

We have been seeking grant funding too and are waiting to hear back, but until then, Crowdfunder is all that we have!

Going back to the event, the guys at Whiskers stepped up big time! They hosted a fundraising event to fuel our mission of building an indoor skatepark in Cornwall!

The skate event used to be an art form but nowadays its been simplified to a formula: Beer, Shots, Live Hip Hop, Skate videos and good times!
Special thanks to Whiskers for backing us, DJ's Proof & Atomicdog for providing the banging tunes, Volunteers Emily, Demi, Kayla, Jessie, the Photographers who captured these magical moments - @emma_mac_photography, @hollietate_, @leannejonesphoto and Twin Fin Rum, The Sink inn, Dead Famous, UNO St.Ives & Harry While for providing prizes!
Enjoy these photos (in no particular order) and if you missed out, make sure you come to our next event!!
Let's get the stretch target before Saturday! Last push people!! THANK YOU🌟🤞