TR7 Skate X California trip 2023

It's that time of year again: rain, wind & maybe even a bit of snow! If you live in Cornwall and don't drive, you're gonna have a tough time enjoying skateboarding. 

Packed into our trusty TR7 wagon, we embarked on a 9-day journey to the heartland of skateboarding, California.

During this trip, we managed to hit up 8 different skateparks, some incredible street spots, a bunch of different waves and of course, the famous American thrift stores & fast food joints.

As always on a TR7 trip, we try to hit skateparks to start each day of skateboarding before venturing out to some rougher spots to stack the real clips. This time, we lucked out staying beachside in Encinitas, enjoying dolphin greetings during our morning coffee or, in Shay Stone's case, a dip and rip at 6am to start almost everyday! 🌊🛹🐬

The 8 different skateparks we visited were:

  • Poods Park / Encinitas Skate Plaza
  • Linda Vista Skatepark
  • Washington St. D.I.Y.
  • Alga Norte Skatepark
  • Vans Off The Wall Skatepark Huntington Beach
  • La Colonia Skatepark Solana Beach
  • PrincePark Oceanside
  • Venice Beach Skatepark

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting these concrete works of art and highly recommend that you visit them if you ever have the chance. Especially Washington St. D.I.Y.... The term ¨ Videos and photos don't do it justice ¨ gets thrown around a lot nowadays but this place is the epitome of that term.

Upon returning home, I finally decided to start going through all of the footage & photos and pulled out all of our favourite skatepark clips to bring you this edit - 

Of course, the best clips and street footage will be saved for upcoming projects so be sure to stay tuned to see what else went down on this phenomenal trip!