TR7 BLOG - Beginner Tips - How To Set Up A Skateboard With Harry While

In this video, one of our TR7 team riders Harry breaks down everything you have to know when you want to set up your first skateboard.
For some of you, this whole video may be really useful but even if you feel that you know how to set up a board, check it out and you might just learn something new as it is full of tips that we have learnt from experience!
This particular deck is a new graphic which we have just recently introduced to our online shop, called the TR7 KERNOWFORNIA graphic. You can also find a wide variety of sizes and shapes from mini boards (7.25¨) right up to 9.0¨
The deck used in this video is a standard popsicle shape deck, an 8.25¨ which is a great size for street skating in particular.
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