Last year, I had a guy called Ed Syder (@edsyder ) reach out to me to get permission to do a cartoon style drawing of me and @hairy_wheel in the shop, followed by a handful of questions about TR7, and now it’s become the first UK Skater Owned Zine. 🤯
To start with, I am beyond stoked that after almost 3 years of creating the first TR7 deck design, we have amazing people reaching out to us, supporting what we are trying to achieve and helping us spread the love!
Newquay is a small town in the grand scheme of things so it really motivates us to continue working hard when we get recognition from all over the country! It truly is an honour that Ed was kind enough to think of us when he decided to make his ¨skater owned¨ magazine as we are very proud to be the only skater owned store in the area. It gave us the chance to tell our story to people not only across the UK but even the US!


Its a trip for me to read through this magazine and see our 2 page spread in there alongside 14 of the greatest shops in the UK, many of which I have looked up and drawn inspiration from since we began. I really enjoyed reading the other shop interviews, some amazing stories and great insight into what’s going on with UK skate scenes and I hope to meet all of those involved in the future once we are allowed to be sociable again…..
I was fortunate enough to grow up on an island with 5 skater owned stores so I have seen first hand how much difference they make. When I first moved to Newquay I felt, almost straight away, that it was needed in this town!
Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular by the second meaning that it is now more important than ever to support the skater owned stores. Skateboarding belongs to skateboarders, simple as that.

Thank you so much Ed for getting us involved in this awesome project and thanks to @shinerdist @dlxsf for getting the mag out!

To celebrate Skate Shop Day (19th of Feb), you will be able to get a copy of the mag with our special deal so stay tuned!

Chaz (aka @Mista.dobolina)


Read a little bit more about Ed in The Skateboarder's Companion Interview