TR7 Skate Trick Tips - HOW TO OLLIE


It's been a tough few days for everyone who skates, being very limited with how much skating they can do and where they can do it. We love seeing everyone working on their flat ground moves, wether that be your first decent ollie, kick flips, shuvits…..
We may be in quarantine for a while so its so good to keep working on your tricks if you can do so in a safe environment following health procedures. We are still closed as a skatepark but we want to help all of you out mastering those flat ground moves! After receiving a bunch of messages from people requesting tips on certain moves, we decided that this is the best time for us to start something we've always wanted to do, a trick tip TR7 BLOG, where we break down each move, explain where your feet should be, steps to work towards each trick and video demonstrations of how its done! Plus, this TR7 BLOG will be a space where you will be able to find all the information about our events, video releases and much more! We are quite new at this so please give us some time to get used to it! 


We will be starting off with how to do 'The Ollie', many of you can probably already do this but we want to begin nice and easy for those who are new to it! An ollie is when you get the board up off the ground by bouncing your tail off the floor as you jump. Ollies are the foundation for all aspects of street skating so take the time to get yours good before rushing onto the next move! 
For this to work, you have to work both legs simultaneously which can be the part people struggle with the most, so we are going to break it down and explain what each foot is supposed to do. To start with, the position you put your feet on the board will make a massive difference so try doing it like this and see how it feels:
Put your back foot on the tail but with your toes in the middle of the tail and your heel completely hanging off. (the reason for this is that you have more control when jumping from your toes than you do jumping with a flat foot)

TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Back Foot
TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Back Foot
Put your front foot behind the front 4 bolts, you want to leave plenty of space for that front foot to move up the board. (the further back your front foot goes, if done correctly, the higher your ollie)

TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Front Foot

*If you are completely new to this, a really good way to start is by rocking onto your back foot until the tail touches the floor, and then leaning forward to get the wheels back down on the floor. Repeat this motion over and over again and start trying to do it faster and faster.

TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Tail Tap

Once you are comfortable doing this, try to add a bit of flick with the front foot as your tail taps the ground. The tail tapping the ground will bounce the nose of the board off the floor but your front foot must slide up to the nose at the same time in order to get the tail up too.*

TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Foot Slide

A good ollie is one where the board completely levels out in the air and lands all 4 wheels together. Learning moves like this can be very frustrating but it's all about muscle memory so you only have to learn it once, just like riding a bike!

TR7 Skate Blog - How to Ollie - Level Out

If you practice every day, even if it is just 5 minutes, all of that time will add up and you will get the hang of it very quickly, you will be able to get bigger ollies by the day!

Practice is key for this one so don’t give up!
Please comment below if you have any questions and send us your progress or tag us on insta! @tr7skatepark #tr7olliepractice