Feel-Good Skateboard Parts To Get You Through The Last Month Of 2020

This year has been a total rollercoaster to say the least, but its nearly over! We are praying for an amazing 2021 to make up for this year, but to keep you entertained until then, here are 15 of our all time favourite video parts!
These video parts may not be the most technical/gnarly sections but for one reason or another, we love the way that they are put together because they make us want to go out and skate, which is what skate videos are supposed to do!
So if you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, disheartened or just straight fed up, put the kettle on, sit down with your cuppa and check out these vids!
Who knows, maybe all you needed was some great skateboarding videos to cheer you up!
First and foremost, we have Bastien Salabanzi´s part from the Flip video ¨Really Sorry¨  Salabanzi burst onto the scene after making a heavy appearance in Flips first big video titled ¨sorry ¨ at just 17 years of age.
He has always had one of the best styles in our opinion and in this part he doesn’t hold back, with potentially the best switch heel flip ever done as the final trick. Not to mention the fact that he is skating to a fun Black Eyed Peas song.. Check it! -
Second on the list would have to go to the godfather of pushing skateboarding, Danny Way. Danny, like other legendary skaters from his era, was also a professional snowboarder at the height of his career in skateboarding and he was the first to really push ´mega skating`. In this absolutely incredible part he managed to break 2 world records, the longest gap and highest air… In the same run.. this just shows how much of a mad man he is and no matter how many times you watch this part, it will still blow your mind and he even got a few street clips in there too for good measure! - 
Third up is ledge wizard Mike Mo Capaldi. The reason this particular part gets us hyped is because he wasn’t afraid to stick to the type of skating he was good at, which is clearly ledges/mannys/flip tricks. The full length video that this part is from ¨fully flared¨ went on to be one of the most influential videos of its time and Mike Mo´s part is the first one, right after the intro. Not to mention the fact that this video was released almost 15 years ago and to this day we have never seen anyone do the trick which he finishes this part with! -
Next up we have Cairo Foster´s part in ¨the reason¨. This video was released back in 1999 and was and is a BIG deal for skaters from that era. The song he skates to really sets the mood and he put together a great all-round part, with rails, gaps, hubbas and some groundbreaking/mindblowing nollie manoeuvres which still hold weight even today! - 
We feel pretty silly for leaving this one until number 5 but this guy is the king of style in street skateboarding and he’s your favourite skaters favourite skater so if you haven’t seen this part already, educate yourself! Tom Penny was and still is one of the biggest names in skateboarding, originally from oxford he moved to the states at a young age and started blowing minds over there from the day he landed in California. He makes everything look easy and stylish and is famous for keeping himself to himself and letting his skills do his talking. Check this part and then watch all his other parts if you haven’t already!
Taking you back 22 years, next up we have Chad Muska. This part begins with him just cruising around on his board, which is a nice change from the parts that go straight into all the big moves within seconds and once the tune (which he made for the part) picks up a bit he really starts to blow minds. Bare in mind 22 years ago hitting double kink rails wasn’t normal like it seems to be nowadays so this video part really upped the standard of street skating for the years that followed and Chad will always be known as one of the original street skaters. He wasn’t afraid to dress how he wanted, carry a boombox around on his shoulder and wear a backpack during skating and we can all learn a thing or two from that. Stop trying to copy others and do you! Thats what skateboarding is all about!
This next one is someone who you probably expected to be on this list, but not because of this part. Like him or hate him, Nyjah Huston is and will always be one of the greatest street skateboarders to ever live. He wins almost all of the competitions he enters and when he’s not doing that, he’s out filming some of the heaviest street parts that you will ever see. This particular part is the one that stands out to us the most because he was only about 8-9 at the time and he was already skating like an adult, hucking down stairs and jumping on big rails. It was clear that he was going to have a fruitful career from an early age and all that he has done since this part is push himself harder and harder every year! -
Another young ripper was the well known Ryan Sheckler. Unfortunately he became more famous for his TV shows and other things but this video part in ¨almost round 3¨ always gets us super hyped. Sheckler was making big moves for his age, much like Nyjah and he made kids across the world want to grow out their hair and jump off the biggest roof they could find. Skating to a classic tune by the cure, this video came out 16 years ago and it is still a very enjoyable full length video to watch-
We can’t mention ¨almost round 3¨ without also bringing up one of the most famous bearded individuals that ever set foot on a skateboard- Chris Haslam. This man is one of our all time favourites to watch because he makes everything look so fun. You watch one of his parts and constantly think to yourself  ¨why didn’t I think of trying that¨.  He is a master of mixing fun with technical/gnarly/groundbreaking skateboard moves and this video is no exception!
Speaking of making skateboarding look fun, we can’t NOT mention the legend that is Louie Barletta. Enjoi´s full length video ¨bag of suck¨ is one of the most unique videos of all time, mixing creative skateboarding with creative filming, fun music and a feel-good vibe throughout! The part that has always stood out to us most is Louies. He dresses like your grandad and does tricks that nobody else has even thought of trying and always has a smile on his face, what more could you ask for? - 
Andrew Reynolds, A.K.A ¨The boss¨ is very well known and respected in the skateboard world, as he was one of the first to really push the limits, jumping down some really big stuff and looking great while doing it, all whilst running what became one of the biggest brands in skateboarding, ¨Baker¨ He has put out some of the most intense parts and heavily influenced some of todays big names, such as Chris Joslin. This part in particular stands out to us the most because it was filmed when he was going through a lot of issues with drugs and alcohol, but he still managed to go out and get these incredible clips for us all to enjoy for the years that followed it. Once you watch it, go check out his ¨stay gold¨ part which was filmed years later once he decided to go sober and start really looking after his body in able to get more clips! - 
Up next we have one of Harrys personal favourites- David Gravette. David is the perfect example of what we refer to as an ATV. (all terrain vehicle) he charges on transition and isn’t afraid to hit some of the scariest looking rails but that doesn’t stop him from also being super creative and approaching each spot he skates in a way that nobody else will. Gravette gets inspired by watching BMX videos instead of skate videos and that probably what makes him so unique. Check how easily he grinds the rail at the end of this part! - 
You can’t do a list of feel good parts without mention the Cobra. Chris Cole has put out a lot of videos over his career and the thing that we have noticed particularly with him, is that he seems to do completely different tricks in every single part. He is great at all aspects of skating and seems to have no limit with the amount of different tricks he is capable of doing. This is our favourite Cole part but every video part of his is legendary! - 
You already know this next one is going to be a feel-good part before the skating begins.. Jimmy Carlin was well known at the peak of his career for having one of the best hard flips/fakie hard flips in the game but you never see a jimmy carlin part without him messing around and having fun also. He is a weirdo and he doesn’t seem to care if people know that or not, making him a one of a kind dude! check it! - 
To finish off strong, here is one of the best video parts we have ever seen- Justin ¨Figgy¨ Figueroa. This guy has been on the scene for a long time, growing up alongside tony hawks son riley, Figgy has made a fair few appearances in his time but this video part in particular is the most insane. Throughout the part he does so many tricks which are do or die tricks and puts together some really creative runs with gnarly rail tricks. His part isn’t available on youtube but the full length video which it appears in is, and it is in our opinion one of the greatest full length videos of all time. If you wanna just see figgys part then skip to 32:50! -