VOLUME IV - All Terrain Skateboarding

ATS - What is it and who does it best?

In skateboarding, there are many different ¨categories¨ but the main two (if you had to break it down into two) would probably be transition and street skating. Transition skaters are those who gravitate towards bowls/mini ramps/vert ramps/ anything which involves going fast, overcoming fears and most importantly, transition. For street skaters, skating is all about having the patience to learn certain moves on ¨street¨ obstacles such as ledges/rails/manual pads etc… A true street skater needs no skatepark to enjoy themselves as some nice smooth ground is plenty for them to figure out new ways to flip their boards.

At TR7 Skate we are mega fans of skateboarding and skate videos but the skaters that really stand out to us are the ones that we refer to as ATSs.

An ATS (all terrain skater) is someone who doesn’t categorise themselves by being only a transitional skater or just a street skater. An ATS is a skater who attacks any obstacle you put in front of them, wether that be a 1cm manual pad or a big scary bowl.

We believe that kids in particular should not categorise themselves because when you are young, its great to try every type of skating then as you get older you will be able to enjoy skateboarding wherever you are. If you spend years working on just ramp skating then you become reliant on ramps to have fun, if you can skate everything, even if just a little bit, skateboarding as a whole will becomes much more!

To demonstrate, we have chosen 5 of our favourite ¨ATS¨ video parts for your viewing pleasure. All 5 demonstrate the ATS approach along with style and ease (better known as steeze)

So sit back, put your feet up and indulge yourself with these great works of art!!

Mark Gonzales in Video Days

The first person that comes to mind would have to be Mark Gonzalez, The OG of ATS skateboarding, this guy is very much responsible for making skateboarding what it is today and most importantly of all, he ALWAYS looks like he is having fun! So watch this and learn from the master!


John Cardiel, Sight Unseen

Next up is your favourite skaters favourite skater: John Cardiel. He is famous for showing no signs of fear, attacking some of biggest handrails of his time at speeds that were unheard of whilst being one of the best transition skaters to ever live. On top of that, he was a very well known professional snowboarder in his prime, which may explain his approach to skateboarding!





Following closely in Cardiels footsteps would have to be Grant Taylor. Awarded the 2011 S.O.T.Y trophy, this guy is on everybody’s list of top skaters! He has the deepest bag of tricks on transition and isn’t afraid to go fast on the crustiest spots in the streets. The reason everyone loves his skating is because every trick he does is done exactly the way it is supposed to look, even if you have never seen the trick done by anyone, Grant has a way of making everything his own. This video part came out when he was announced Skater of the year and its a great example of all terrain skateboarding at its finest!




Zion Wright's "Jupiter Rising" Real Part


At only 21 years of age, Zion Wright has already worked his way on to this list! We aren’t 100% sure but we believe he is one of the only (if not THE only) Skater to ever compete in both Street League and Vans Park Series, both competitions involving the best of the best in street/ transition. He managed to win Vans park series one year even though almost all of his best footage was in the streets, what a guy!



Ishod Wair | Back On My BS

Last but not least, another S.O.T.Y, Ishod Wair. Ishod has been killing it for a while now, he has put out a lot of street parts and is starting to really shine with his transitional skating, dancing on crusty copings with ease as well as throwing a few airs, this guy is the ultimate ATS. after watching this part, go watch his other parts because they are all completely different but equally as amazing!